Hockey Images is the web site of Peter Savage, a sports photographer and journalist based in the South of England. For over 20 years he specialised in the sport of hockey (hence the name of this site), during which time he has covered three Hockey World Cups, several European Championships and Champions Trophies and, of course, the 2012 London Olympic Games. In addition to hockey, he has also photographed horse racing, athletics, cricket and even ice hockey. He was employed by a local authority for over ten years, where he was used as their staff photographer.

PETER IS TAKING THINGS RELATIVELY QUIETLY AT THE MOMENT. He suffered a cerebral haemorrhage in March 2016 and is currently unable to drive. However, he has an exciting new project coming up soon which will see him take his expertise into another sport. KEEP COMING BACK TO THE SITE FOR FURTHER UPDATES.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All the images on this site are copyright. In order to discourage piracy the images are loaded in low resolution with a watermark, a combination of which may degrade the quality of the images. If you need an image please contact us for a high-quality original.



10 Years of Digital Hockey 2006-2015
I made the complete change from film to digital photography in 2006 and this portfolio charts some of the hockey shoots I've done over that period, including two World Cups and the Olympics. I've included camera and lens information so that visitors can see the evolution of the kit I've been using over that period. Things started in 2006 with a Nikon D70 and a Sigma 150mm lens, but the quality of the kit improved over the next 10 years. The choice of pictures is fairly random. They are neither the best or the worst. In some cases the pictures reflect the shortcomings of earlier digital camera equipment compared with the best modern cameras and lenses.
Recent Images
We usually keep four or five of our most recent hockey portfolios here before moving them to 'Older Images'
Older Images
Images in this portfolio are from a few weeks ago or more. At the end of a few months, some of the more memorable images will be moved to our 'Even Older' portfolio.
Even older images
Images from way back, including the 2006 World Cups in Monchengladbach (Men) and Madrid (Women)
Customer Images
Images in this portfolio are password protected.
Everything but hockey!
Just occasionally we stray away from hockey to shoot other things. You will find them in this portfolio